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We have courses from beginners to advance levels . You can feel the breadth and depth of Chinese culture and improve your HSK level. We provide group class and one-on-one private class and group classes .

A. The one-to-one class starts from 149 RMB 

B. Tuition fees for group classes

1 class = 1 hour

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday .


learn chinese in hainan haikou

Calligraphy is the writing art of characters. It is an art of expressing emotions. Chinese calligraphy cannot be separated from Chinese characters. Calligraphy also reflects Chinese traditional culture. China has a history of nearly 2000 years of calligraphy. Learning calligraphy is the best way to feel the beauty of Chinese.We provide group and one-on-one course.

The group class starts from 149 RMB

Tai Chi

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Tai chi training involves five elements:

The group class starts from 199 RMB